Asian handicap

Types of Asian handicaps

To properly understand what the Asian handicap market consists of, we are going to divide them into the different possible options that exist and whether they are positive or negative. They are all based on the definition given above, but have different effects on the outcome of the bet.

If the handicap is positive, its effects are that if the team affected by the handicap wins or draws, the bet is won. If it loses by the same difference as the handicap, the match is a draw, the bet is void and the stake is returned. If you lose by a higher score than the handicap, the bet is lost.

If it is negative, the effects are that if you win by a greater difference than the handicap, the bet is won. If the team wins by the same margin as the handicap, the match is a draw, the bet is void and the stake is refunded. If the team draws or loses, the bet is forfeited.

Average Asian handicap

Involves adding to or subtracting from the competitor’s score the “and a half” points indicated by the Asian handicap. With this handicap there is no way for the bet to be declared a draw and void.

If the handicap is positive, its effect on the settlement of the bet is that in the event of a win or a draw, the bet is won. If you lose by more than the handicap, you lose the bet.

Asian quarter handicap

Asian quarter handicap

With this type of Asian handicap we would be making a double bet, as if the money played were divided into two bets, those corresponding to the handicaps immediately before and after the handicap on which the bet is placed.

Asian handicap with two parts

Another way of referring to the Asian quarter handicap is to call it the Asian two-way handicap. The only difference with the Asian mixed handicap we have just seen is the way it is expressed, as each bookmaker is different and uses a different nomenclature. In the case of the Asian handicap with two parts, it is called this way because the two bets placed by the player are clearly identified: 0.0, +0.5; -1.5, -2.0, etc.

Asian handicap 0.0

The Asian handicap 0.0 does not add or subtract any points to the score, as is obvious. Its function is the same as that of the ‘draw no bet’, i.e. in the event of a draw, the bet is void and the amount played is returned to your account balance.

Asian handicap according to the sign

Asian handicap tips

As we said at the beginning and as we have seen in the following examples, the Asian handicap can be positive or negative. Depending on the type of Asian handicap you apply, you will have to add or subtract goals to the final score to know if the bet is a winner, loser or void; and each one is usually used in different ways.

🔹 Positive Asian handicap

The positive Asian handicap involves adding goals to the team you are betting on. It is often used to cover variables for the underdog, even if they lose the match. In the case of the positive half-goal Asian handicap (+0.5) we have already seen that it works as a double chance in favour of the team we are betting on. Another option is to add a positive Asian handicap to the favourite to cover the bet, although logically the odds will be lower.

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