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What your ears can tell you about your health?

We have been taught since childhood that our ears need to be cleaned – however, some still believe that this should be done with cotton buds, while this is strictly prohibited. Earwax, which leaves a characteristic “wax” residue on a towel or favourite headphones, protects your ears from dirt and harmful bacteria. Therefore, the maximum that can be done is to wet the ear passages from the outside with a towel or napkin.

By the colour of earwax, you can also draw conclusions about the state of the body as a whole – look at how it looks right now and read what it can say. 

Brown sulfur

This colour is considered one of the variants of the norm – if there is too much sulfur, and the shade darkens, then we can talk about recently experienced stress. In the next few days, you need to rest more and try to take vitamins, and maybe take a course of relaxing massage.

Sulfur with traces of blood

Sulfur with traces of blood

This is a symptom that cannot be ignored: if you are sure that this is not a scratch on the outer part of the ear that is visible, then immediately consult a doctor. Traces of blood can show damage to the eardrum.

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Sulfur grey

By itself, this colour does not indicate any danger, although the shade looks rather bizarre. If there are no additional unusual sensations – tingling, pain, or “squishing” in the ears – it’s probably just dust. This is most often found in residents of megacities during the deterioration of the environmental situation.

Liquid sulfur

Sulfur, which for no apparent reason began to flow from the ear, especially if its colour is darker or lighter than usual, may indicate an injury to the inner ear and a possible inflammatory process – you should consult a doctor.

Black sulfur

Black sulfur

A single darkening without additional symptoms is safe, but the growing sensation of itching or pain is a reason to urgently see a doctor, we can talk about fungal infection.

White sulfur

An extremely rare symptom – it indicates an extremely low amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. It is worth consulting a doctor so that he can help you choose the drugs you need in a particular case.

Yellow sulfur

In many cases, the yellowing of sulfur can indicate the onset of a cold or infection in the sinuses and head. It is worthwhile to carefully study other symptoms or consult a doctor for clarification of the diagnosis.

Sulfur with a smell

A strong bad odour is an indicator of a middle ear infection. Often this symptom is accompanied by noise and a feeling of congestion in the ears.

Dry sulfur

The simplest explanation for the change in the composition of sulfur is a lack of healthy fats in the body and a too rigid diet. If you have changed your diet, but the sulfur has remained dry – perhaps we are talking about dermatitis or other skin diseases, you need to see a dermatologist.

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