Actors that Went too Deep With Their Roles

Some people think that being an actor is very easy. You just need to have talent, and it is given from birth. And few people imagine what sacrifices our idols make in order for us to pass the evening watching a movie with their participation. And it’s not just about losing weight or getting fat, and it’s not about working long hours on the set.

Thanks to the amazing dedication, we see real emotions on the screen, which create the effect of realism. The actor himself sometimes receives an Oscar or other prestigious award. But all this is given at such a high price that some require the help of a specialist after filming is over.

Bob Hoskins

The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit made a splash in 1988. The story and the way the idea was presented on the screen were very fresh, and all this attracted the interest of the audience. The performance of actor Bob Hoskins was also impeccable – no one could even imagine that he was talking to a green wall, and not to cartoon characters. But, by the way, it was given to the actor very hard. After the end of filming, he continued to be haunted by hallucinations, because he made a lot of efforts to start seeing his painted partners in the film.

Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh

The film Psycho entered the history of cinema as one of the most ticklish films. And the scene in the shower is called one of the most realistic. So it is, if the heroine of the scene, after such an experience, stopped taking a shower, bathing only in the bathroom. The mere thought that she needed to stand under the stream of water caused her panic attacks.

This is not a surprising fact as the majority of actors sometimes struggle with their roles. If you fall very deep you might even have problems playing on the 20Bet website. Keeping the balance is the most important thing.

Viktor Sukhorukov

After filming the film Of Freaks and Men Viktor Sukhorukov fell into depression, became addicted to alcohol and could not recover for a long time. The consequences were so serious that he ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Heath Ledger

In the image of the Joker, Heath Ledger was incomparable, but in order to reincarnate, he decided on strange and frightening things. For a month and a half, he did not talk to anyone locking himself in a hotel room. As a result, he got used to the role that he got bipolar personality disorder, which he tried to cope with with the help of antidepressants. Relatives are convinced that this was the reason for his sudden death.

Jared Leto

The image of the Joker is really very complex, especially because the bar that Heath Ledger set was very difficult to jump over. Therefore, Jared Leto also began to prepare for filming with all responsibility. The problem with the psyche was the first to be noticed by colleagues on the set. No wonder, because the actor began to send them very strange gifts – a dead pig, a live rat and other unpleasant presents. 

Christian Bale

For the sake of the role in the film The Machinist, the actor not only lost 30 kilograms and brought himself to exhaustion. He slept critically little for two weeks and had no contact with people at all. The director saw this as a great danger to Christian’s life, so he persuaded him to stop the experiment.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Participation in the filming of the film The Reader brought the actress great mental anguish. Even after the release of the film on the screen, when it was no longer necessary to get used to the role of the guard of Auschwitz, she continued to experience a real sense of guilt, as if she had really committed a crime.

Shia LaBeouf

He had a month of military training at a real US Army base for the movie Fury But even this, in his opinion, was not enough – he cut his face, pulled out a tooth, did not go to the shower for a month, and also watched horses die. Fans noticed that his behaviour changed a lot after the film, which indicates a serious mental breakdown.

Malcolm McDowell

During filming, the actor received a lot of injuries – both physical and mental. For example, his ribs were broken, and he almost suffocated underwater in one of the scenes. After filming, the actor began to have health problems, which had to be treated in conjunction with a psychiatrist.

Maria Schneider

The scene of rape in the film Last Tango in Paris left a big imprint on the soul of the actress. She didn’t know that there was such a thing in the script, the director didn’t mention it on purpose to get real emotions. And he succeeded, only Maria Schneider was never able to recover from this role.

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